Systemic Facilitation

Knowing Field Designs offers systemic facilitation in all its services —coaching, consulting and trainings. Systemic facilitators embody the living system principles of belonging, rank and balance. We are able to shift perspectives, see the big picture, and notice the hidden dynamics/patterns within the system while allowing the natural health within an aligned system to emerge.

Systemic Coaching

One-on-one facilitation for individuals in their family and workplace systems

Systemic Consulting

Facilitation for organizations, institutions, levels of government , non-profits, small and family businesses, coaches and consultants, visionary and new paradigm organizations.

Facilitator Trainings

For those who wish to use Knowing Field Designs facilitation within their organization, team, and personally

Systemic Facilitation

Align Design Activate Emerge Evolve

Knowing Field Designs systemic facilitation is used in coaching, consulting and training. It is rooted in Systemic Constellation Work (SCW), and continues to adapt and evolve this process in collaboration with colleagues and clients. KFD also offers many creative processes and art-as-meditation practices as ways for integrating change.

Knowing Field Design Facilitators understand that:

  • the facilitator’s presence— warmth, peace, impeccability, balance, and self-awareness — is vital
  • the facilitator’s role is to create the space and safety for clients and participants to find their own information and what they need from inside themselves for healing and transformation. It is to be an “empty reed,” available to the Knowing Field, asking potent questions, and offering guidance without doing, fixing or interpreting.
  • facilitators design and co-create the processes collaboratively with clients and colleagues
  • having a systemic perspective involves embodying the living system principles of belonging, rank and balance, shifting perspectives, seeing the big picture, noticing the hidden dynamics/patterns within the system, and allowing the natural health within the system to emerge.

Facilitators who work phenomenologically remain permanently open to new information and possibilities. They are open to the unpredictable and the unplanned which allows for the emergence of previously unknown truths.

Bert Hellinger
Bert Hellinger

Systemic Coaching: one-on-one facilitation for individuals in their family and workplace systems

  • align with Life through reconnection with our ancestral lines
  • clearing systemic burdens and blocks to the flow of life and love so that you can turn towards the emerging Future
  • take the Big Leap into living and giving from wholeness and authenticity
  • shift from ego-driven pursuits and personal survival to manifesting your passions through being globally networked in service of the Totality.

Systemic Consulting: for organizations institutions, levels of government , non- profits, small and family businesses, coaches and consultants, visionary and new paradigm organizations

  • align with your vision and purpose
  • building your team
  • design and test new products and processes
  • make wise decisions
  • experiment with possibilities, and much more!

Knowing Field Designs is available for company retreats and meetings, and for short-term engagements and long-term co-creative partnerships.

Facilitator Trainings

Knowing Field Designs is in the process of developing training programs for facilitators who wish to add KFD systemic facilitation to their toolbox. The trainings are offered in person and we hope will soon to be available on-line.

  • The Essentials of Systemic Constellation Work (SCW): Principles and Practices for individuals, families and the workplace. This course is a required foundational program
  • The Art of Systemic Facilitation
  • Programs designed for your organization