Constellating for the Collective (C4C)

Purpose: Humanity Moving into Our Collective Heart

Intentions: Shifting patterns in consciousness experientially; planting new seeds of possibility in the collective conscious; impacting humanity individually and collectively

Forming Systemic Healing Circles in the service of Love for the Collective, All beings, the Planet and Life’s evolution.

Activating community, global and planetary citizens committed to Sacred Activism

Participating in action research projects: for example: The Conscious Witness Project


What is constellating for the collective?

There is a new branch of Systemic Constellation Work emerging—an evolution of Family Constellation Work and Organizational Constellation Work. Facilitators from around the world are applying this powerful process to explore collective issues. These are called collective constellations, societal-issue constellations, social-justice constellations, community constellations, nature constellations, city constellations and more! Diana calls her facilitation of this process constellating for the collective.

What is “the collective”? Collective has several meanings, for example: people who are in groups such as political and religious groups; a community; a city; and (patterns in) collective consciousness.

How do we enter the collective field through Systemic Constellation Work:

All Life is embedded in fields of information and energy. All Life is embedded in fields of consciousness. We humans access these fields, consciously and unconsciously. We are able to consciously enter the collective field through all branches of Systemic Constellation Work. In Family Constellation Work, individuals’ issues and concerns often take them into the trans-generational collective field (of traumas and resources). In Organizational Constellation Work, institutions and organizations move into the collective field through societal issues. In Constellations for the Collective, the intention is to begin in the collective field for the purpose of shifting patterns in consciousness.

Who participates: individuals ready to move beyond their own personal concerns to serving the collective; leaders of visionary organizations; organizations ready to evolve; social justice groups; citizens involved with community/city concerns; facilitators of systemic constellation work (expanding from family + organizational constellations)




  • caring for self, other, place and planet
  • see the system as a whole
  • listen to the voices of all the parts of the system represented
  • allow movements to emerge and evolve
  • release blocks and restore balance to the whole
  • align systems with the flow of Life
  • plant seeds of the new in the collective consciousness

Process: in small and large groups, in-person or on-line, applying Systemic Constellation Work’s tools, methods, and processes (which have proven to be effective, practical and transformative)

Each group co-creates the process collectively: finding the “right” question/issue to be placed in the knowing field; choosing the elements to be represented; mapping the living system; allowing the systemic movements; sharing information emerging from the field.



Themes: We gather to explore our challenges, concerns, fears, hopes and dreams for the Earth, humanity, our country, our families, our Home! Here are only a few examples of questions, issues and propositions we explore:

  • finding a home for the victim and tyrant…
  • exploring how to become conscious witnesses
  • feeling safe in a dangerous world…
  • Indigenous Peoples, Settlers (“those who have come from distant places,” immigrants, refugees ) and the Soul of Canada…
  • living beyond extreme polarization – is it possible?
  • shifting from caring only for our personal concerns to serving the collective?
  • what does humanity need to do in the face of the impacts of climate change?
  • communicating with Mother Earth, the Spirit of Water, Spirit of Place
  • what is the role of money now? where’s the money?
  • participants bring their own heart aches and passions

Impact for participants personally:

  • full-body/mind experience of being part of a greater system
  • seeing whole systems at one time
  • shifting perspectives
  • developing human capacities to use all our senses (20-31 according to brain science)
  • experiencing the Sacredness of Life and Life as a living system
  • growing the capacity to shift from personal to collective concerns
  • finding our places in the flow of Life and Love
  • experience coming together co-creatively
  • learn tools for negotiating chaotic times
  • finding your place in relation to big societal issues
  • understanding the invisible structures that are fueling societal issues like racism, sexism, etc.
  • find new ways of being an activist — as a Conscious Witness, as an inner activist, as a Sacred activist

Impact for Systemic Constellation Work community:

  • participating in the emergence of a new branch of SCW

Systemic Impact:

  • working together in service of a larger purpose for coherence + health of the whole system (not just people)
  • acknowledging the power of love in action
  • developing relationships through making visible what has been considered invisible (voices of Indigenous, Nature, Spirit)
  • accessing collective wisdom and intelligence
  • evolving cities and communities


How to participate:

  1. An open in-person monthly group in Ottawa
  2. An open on-line international group using Zoom as the platform

Coming soon! Diana’s long-term vision: to have a team on call to constellate global issues as the need arises. If you are interested in joining email Diana at

  1. International conferences and retreats
  2. Workshops and retreats are offered for an evening, 1-day, 2-day or longer retreats.

These happen in a variety of locations by invitation from individual hosts and collaboration with colleagues. For example, in 2017 Diana was invited to Calgary, Alberta; Guelph , Ontario; and Tulum, Mexico.

  1. As a core team member of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence ( and Integral City ( Diana offers Constellating for the Collective within these organizations and as part of the services offered by them.