About Diana Claire Douglas

original DCDDiana Claire Douglas is a constellator/facilitator (family, organizational, and social issues), social architect, artist, writer, and explorer of the depths. She is internationally certified as an Organizational Constellation Work facilitator through the Bert Hellinger Institute of the Netherlands. She is on the core teams of Integral Cities and The Hague Centre for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence, where SCW is used regularly for decision-making, designing creative projects, and team building. She co-creates and co-facilitates The Heart of the Mother Experience: healing and growing our relationship with 7 aspects of the mother.

For The Heart of the Mother Experience (HOME): www.theheartofthemother.com
For her own creative works: www.inspiritworks.com

At my core, I am an artist. I honour the creative force that moves through me and expresses itself throughout all aspects of my life. In its present expression, as a Constellator, I feel such joy and passion for this practical, powerful, creative and ever-evolving process. I see constellation work as a playground for maps and mapping, exploration and experimentation, seeing the previously invisible/unknown and finding its practical application for real-world (personal, organizational and collective) issues. I love how the SCW process allows both the hidden dynamics that are blocking forward movement and the emergent future to reveal themselves. Constellation Work is a vital tool for co-creation in the 21st century.

As a long-time student in consciousness and as an adult educator, visual artist, entrepreneur, counsellor, non-denominational minister, contemplative researcher (The Imagination Project) and published author (Always Becoming-Forever! A Journal of Conscious Living/Conscious Dying), I have said YES! to being part of the evolutionary movement to creating the new world.

Diana Claire Douglas
Diana Claire Douglas


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Conference Presentations

Integral Theory Conference, 2015, Sonoma State University, California: “Conference within a Conference hosted by Integral City.”

INFOSYON International Organizational Constellation Work Conference, Amsterdam, Holland, April 2013 : Knowing Cities: The Knowing Field and the Emergence of Integral City Wellbeing

Connecting-Fields : Systemic Constellation Moving Towards a Sustainable Future International Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 2013 : Constellators using internet technology for connecting with clients world-wide.